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December 10, 2011
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AC-Doctrina- Desdemona by StitchLich AC-Doctrina- Desdemona by StitchLich
For; :iconac-doctrina:

(Updated: 1/5/2012- = v= Finally got the new look down~)
(UPDATED 8/5/2012)
((9/10/2012 - = v = Mhm~ Sentinel))
((12/4/2012)) Cavaliere, BBY

Le Dolly is more partial to roleplay that is paragraph, but I will sentence rp if that is your forte.

. . . . I also rp in notes~

:icondessyplz: :icondessy-plz: :iconsentineldessyplz:

◊ Name: Desdemona Ashe Cianci
    Maestra Cianci or Signora Cianci
    Little Flower,
    Signora il satana,
    Desert Rose

◊ Age: 20 (August 28th, Virgo)
◊ Gender: Female
◊ Height: 1.625m
◊ Weight: 53kg
◊ Martial Status: Married to Raphael; [link]

◊ Birthplace: Some place near Turkey
◊ Occupation: Personal Body Guard for L'avvoltoio
◊ Resides in: Venezia, Roma
◊ Rank: Cavaliere

◊ Stats:
    HP= 8
    STR = 26
    DEF= 18
    DEX = 16
    AGI = 42

◊ Likes:
    She is a simple girl; having grown up with very little and always sharing with her siblings. She likes to sit and have her mother brush her hair and sing songs with her.
    She likes it when her mother makes her something new to wear with spare cloth that she bought with her extra job and the satisfaction that she works hard enough support them. She also loves to dance. It’s one of her passions as well as singing, but she also shy about it to the extent that you have to be rather close with her to know that she does it.
    She likes reading books on just about anything that she can get her hands on; though she struggles to read. Watching the sunsets or sunrises and lazily lying in bed with FeiFei before she starts her chores are guilty pleasure for her. She really likes brandy and drinking her brothers under the table as well as scraping. She loves to fight; especially when it comes to knife fighting.

◊ Dislikes:
    She has very few dislikes. Her biggest dislike is the sight of needles. She cannot stand needles at all. She hates her father and when someone speaks to her in her native Turkish language, her stomach grows a bit sick because it reminds her of him. Do not touch her back or around her neck, she will quickly get on guard and will go for your throat. She doesn’t like to be thought bad of because of her race; in fact she tends to keep that a secret unless she trusts a person quite a bit.

◊ Hair color: Muted dirty blonde at the roots of her head to a dark umber that ends at the tips.
◊ Eye color: Both of her eyes are caramel
◊ Skin color: Sun-kissed tan.
◊ Distinguishing marks:

    - She has very intricate scars riddling her back and along both of her arms. They were craved into her back with a syringe.

    -She has a beauty mark under her left eye.

◊ Personality:
To say the least, she has /changed/ quite abit. She is still in the same hand naive and rather inquisitive in nature, but she has a rather harsh streak. She does not trust as she did once before and to appear to her as an enemy means she will attempt to dispose of you before you can do anything to harm her or her family. Her hope and understanding of the Brotherhood has long been lost and in turn, she only believes in what she can hold onto. And that speaks volumes towards her trust in her family... and little to no one else.

    Being raised with a complex system of roles between women and men has caused Desdemona to give her the mindset of a man. She is the main bread winner of the family since she is the eldest child. Therefore, she is the man of the family and by all rights, acts like it. She drinks ale, curses and scuffles with the best and doesn’t worry much about fitting into the womanly role. For those who know her best… They know she is slowly gaining her individuality once more after it being broken of her. She is still greatly wounded from the experience and while she is strong-willed, she is still skittish when it comes to having someone confront her. She has nerves and she will hesitate before taking an action. It could be called an advantage because it has made her more calculating and analytical, but not in a situation that calls for it.
    Nonetheless, she enjoys teasing men and holding their attentions, but not actually doing anything with it. She is quite intrigued by what the mechanics of love or physical attraction are, but when it comes to acting on them, she is rather shy. You could say she is a contradiction.

◊ Biography:

    The days on the Caravan were hard and full of scavenging for food. . .

    Andrezej made sure that this was true. With 5 wives and most of them having at least 4 children each; the children weren’t seen as much more than ways to bring in income... until the day that his 3rd wife and the only one that hadn’t been able to conceive, gave birth to a girl of light hair during the summer. Her mother called her a child of miracles; her father regarded her light hair and instantly saw his own death in her. Light hair in his opinion was something that likened his own offspring to a devil. Syeira begged him to allow her to keep the child, knowing that she may not survive the birth of another. And this child was something that was to be kept, she could be useful. Andrezej agreed, but dubbed the child; ‘Desdemona’, which could be very well shown as a connection with a demon. She bore her mother’s whiskey dark eyes and her father’s richly sun-kissed skin, but still, her hair set her apart from her siblings. To remedy this, her mother kept her hair cropped short to her head.
    She grew up like any other child on the caravan: stealing money and food for the family to eat. But, being an outcast only meant that she had to work harder to get her father’s approval in the simplest things; she worked hard to beat her brother’s in wrestling and steal the most things. Anything to show that she was worth having alive, but Andrezej paid her no mind. She had inherited her mother’s attitude and resilience and thinking back on it now, she was grateful; this saved her life.
    They moved frequently along the Eastern European countries over the years.
    Stopping for months at a time so that they could get enough money to survive another trip and as Desdemona grew older, she began to notice more that she related more to her brothers than her sisters. Her sisters were busy washing and cleaning, her brothers were out in the market; causing mischief and bringing home food, but she brought more than they did.
    She became the head of the household in some ways, which only seemed to increase her father’s ire. He forbade her from leaving the caravan and told her she must know her place as a female in this family. So, she stayed around camp; brooding and watching as her sisters and mother worked with her their mothers’ and it came to the point where she had a startling discovery. When they were done with their work, they would dance for fun. It was a small dance that they called ‘Tsifteteli’. She caught to it like a moth to a flame. She busily began to practice just out of her father’s view, on the streets while her father slept or on the dirt floors of the homes they lived in. It came to her attention that even though she wasn’t good; she gartered quite a bit of attention from men and they would throw coins at her feet. It became like a game for her; she continued to dance for the excitement that she could see written on men’s faces and the amazement and sometimes disgusted fascination that covered the women’s.
    She felt content that she had finally found her place and her father seemed happy at least; He would make shows for her to dance. But, he was taking the money for himself to feed his gambling addiction rather than giving it back to the family. And he grew increasingly hostile towards her mother, who didn’t like the idea of her only child being displayed as some object. Andrezej demanded she dance. Desdemona was already a liability for her appearance why shouldn’t she be selling what she could? She was 14 years and she was considered of marrying age, but Andrezej would lose his meal ticket, he realized. He thought of ways to make sure she would never leave him.
    He looked at his lovely little daughter and he asked if she wanted to please him. And of course, without hesitation, she said ‘Yes’.
    It was on the eve of her 15th year when Desdemona was awoken by her father and 2 of her elder brothers. They smiled to her and brandished what looked like a syringe. Their mother had just died that previous week. They had looked at her and blamed her for their bad fortune. She had been letting her hair grow and it reached her hips and unlike her mother and sisters, she did not cover herself from head to foot. They believed that God was punishing them, so they would have to pay respects to him. Her father said nothing; only kept asking if she wanted to please him. She begged her brothers to see the light, but they only saw their grief and so they began to carve things into her skin, ignoring her screams of agony and constant thrashing…
    The art of marking the skin was something that was considered a sin because it was the mutilation of God’s vessel. She would be seen as ugly to her people. She broke away before they added their mother’s ashes to her body and therefore the testament was not complete. She fled to her mother; tripping over herself and screaming for help. It woke the whole caravan and the lights of lamps seemed to flicker on. She mused that they looked like fireflies as she continued to run towards the fortune Teller’s tent. Her father was close behind alas and reached for her; his fist wrapped in her hair and he yanked the girl back just before she could reach her mother.
    “You are a woman and you must know your place. You are mine and always will be. No man will have you.”
    He was right. She knew he was right and it made her livid. She could very well be unable to find a suitor because of this disfigurement…
    And so it stayed that way until her 17th year when they found their way to Venice, Italy. The series of events then seemed to unfold too fast. Her elder brothers soon found wives and had children. They left to create their own caravans which left Desdemona as the eldest child.
    Her father; who still had a firm reign over the caravan… was killed, as her mother said. She didn’t know why her father had been slain, rather why anyone would take the time to kill the man. Only that she was the eldest of the caravan with her father’s blood and she was now the rightful head of the family…
    She could still dance for income, but that wouldn’t sustain the family for long, she knew this as she contemplated her actions one night after counting the florins from the evening’s venue.
    It was one summer’s eve, about a month or so after her father’s death that one of her younger brothers; Kylar, was caught trying to pickpocket some men in the market. She was busily trying to find some cheaper fruit, when her brother; Berkay, found her and told her of what happened. Kylar was getting his hand cut off by men in steel that bore a cross upon it. She ran towards the square, but when she got there, she was already too late…
    Someone else had saved her brother. The man was in fancy robes and patted her brother’s head as if familiar with him. She asked who he was. He regarded her for a long moment then asked if she wanted to get stronger and take care of her family so that this would not happen any longer. She didn’t have anything else to believe in, but her family. She looked to her brothers and accepted the invitation to the Brotherhood.

    It seemed then that after she had fallen in love with a Doctor... a healer that was of the wrong side as herself, that things began to spiral into things she could not quite understand- only that she loved this man with all her heart. They grew closer and finally married- her having grown swollen with his children and then giving birth to them, but something happened in a dark alley a mere week after their wedding- he was ambushed. While she knew it was treason, she fought against the side she had called home for a subsequent 4 years and eventually lost her love for the Brotherhood.

    She took her vows amongst the Templars soon after and took her side beside her husband as his personal bodyguard- never looking back.

◊ Equipment:

    -Inverted Hidden Blade
    -Scimitar x2
    -Iron Fan
    -Wheel-lock Rifle


    -Now the mother of three beautiful babies by the names of Evren, Valentino and Aysegul Cianci- Born in November.

    - She is quite obsessed with her husband~ [link] (He is also quite overprotective and she is in turn as well. . . Oh and if you touch him, she will gun for you~ :heart:)

    - Her native language is Turkish, but in the same spirit, she can speak italian and Romani as well. She curses alot in any of these languages as well.

    -She can not read or write very well. It wasnt taught to her and she is very ashamed of this. She will try and avoid doing either at all costs.

    -She lived with her mother, her sister-wives and their children. There are about 20; 3 other wives, 14 children including Dessy and 2 house pets. Now resides with her husband at their own villa with 3 children, 20+ animals and family that decides to hang around.

    -She has an issue with /sleeping/. She is very much an insomniac.

    -She has a set of steel-tipped tarot cards; she is quite enamored with the idea of telling a fortune before doing much of anything... Even if she isnt quite good at it. (She is liken to the Queen of Swords.)

    -FeiFei the Rabbit (She is usually with her) (FeiFei was given to her younger sister after giving birth. She now has Took, the black bunny) and Piccino, a baby Egyptian vulture that was given to her by her 'Amore'. A beautiful black cat by the name of Ambra can be seen peeking out of her bodice sometimes.

    ◊Current florins: 7,250 f
    ◊Total Florins: 25,750f


Desdemona (c) :iconstitchlich:
:iconac-doctrina: (c) :iconmirusoup:
Assassin's creed (c) Ubisoft
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